Words - mechanical moth - Rebirth

Dance Revolution

Night, sound, human
Numb legs, dancing
Sharp beats, stitching

what you fear is what you´ll see
awakes adrenaline in me
I can feel that I´m alive
desire in me starts to cry
when I´m moving through the crowd
there´s nothing left I think about
unleash the darkest sides of me
now I´m what I want to be

sweat, blood, tears
cold, smoke, sourrounding
flashing lights, blinding

the rythm of my heart is equal to the beat
I'm dancing til the dawn of day
my skin is soaking up the heat
I'm dancing all the pain away
until I cannot feel my legs
to have the feeling that I'm free
this is all that I expect

love, hate, tragedy
hot air, breathing
all senses, soaking

moving faster,
thougts slow down
revolution awakes in me
deep down below

moving faster,
beat speed up
revolution awakes in you
deep down below