Words - mechanical moth - Torment

after that

Fiery gloves, heart of ice
Where hate is I shall rise
eyes of air, face of stone
Where Love is I shall be gone

I´am yours
You are mine
Souls clashed
behind the line

This is your last dance
This is your last chance
This is my breath
This is your death

Feel my jaws inside your skin
feel the hate and blood within
Thorns round your neck
a dagger in your back
needles in your eyes
that would be nice

We rage the sky
We rage the sky

Torment in thy heart
Torment in your eye
Angels Anger, Demons sake
Sorrow we will wake

Hate, Fear, Anger, Nightmare, Sorrow, Torment, Pain,
Agony, Misery, Purgatory, we will be