Words - mechanical moth - Torment

Welcome to Torment

1. exordium
chapter: Torment, part 2 of the Deus ex machina triology
inventio: To show what Torment is, was and will be
dispositio: 14 Tracks
elocutio: 1. aptum, decorum:
author: mechanical moth
recipient: You
situation: genus demonstrativum or genus iudicale
dominion: music

2. ornatus:
genus grande/sublime
using phobos et eleios
actio: Tandrin and Matricide
conclusio: Die

Like the worst day of your life
without daylights end
Like the deepest hole
without light in your hand

When the rain falls louder
your mind goes around
shades crawl near
tears are the rains sound

Like a child killed by disease
Like a love vanished in tears
Like hate that wants release
another line of scars called fears

It´s like the old game
between darkness and light
you are the shadow
and the sun shines bright

I want to kiss the sky
On your face the question (why)
I just want to lie but
salvation means to die

Welcome to Torment