Words - mechanical moth - the sad machina

Reapers Bride

She is wearing her black clothes
a princess of shades
her dark voice
tells her eternal choice

Pale white skin
surounded by coal
and her shiny eyes
a nameless secret

lips made of white roses
like the memories of the dead
her touch like cold satin
in a warm summer night

Go with her
With the reapers bride
let her show you
the secrets behind

and she said:

I can tell you
lifs´s like dying
it´s just a longer path
to the end

and I will show you
what you want to know
what is behind
your life´s light

she´s married with the dead
the reapers bride
together they live, together they kill
for an endless time

as she turned
I feeled my world
breaking down to ashes

She touched me within
I hoped it would never end

but then she turned
the fall began
I felt the end
my light began to disapear

she had taken care of me
and the fall began